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Quasar – Multiplayer Top-Down Space-Shooting Madness.


Quasar is a multiplayer flash game developed by follower SSSensational and OSnap Games. It’s currently in the running for Player.IO’s Epic Flash Game Contest. The contest has entered the judging stage and the game has been opened to public review, so feel free to try it out here.

pew pew pew!
Pew! Pew! Pew!

Quasar pits up to 8 players in a square-shaped arena. You are granted a ship and a set of weapons, and your goal is to rack up points by annihilating ships controlled by other players. Each round lasts for 3 minutes, and you’ll be ranked based on your performance when the timer reaches 0. Upon completing a round, you’ll gain in-game currency relative to your performance and the cash can then be used to buy new ships and upgrades. The contest requirs the flash game to have micro-transactions, so if you’re lazy, you can buy in-game currency with real money.

Quasar's store currently houses 68 ships, 14 weapons, and 3 shield types.
Quasar’s store currently houses 68 ships, 14 weapons, and 3 shield types. I really like the ship designs

The gameplay was quite amusing, rather than having the ship move around the screen (Asteroids Style), your vehicle is pinned in the dead centre as you traverse through Space. Instead of watching the ship itself, your attention is diverted to the movements in the background as you manoeuvre through it. The controls utilize the standard WASD movement keys and the mouse to aim/shoot, I definitely recommend liberal use of the stop button (Spacebar).

I personally feel a retro vibe coming from the game. The soundtrack, art direction and concept gives the game a distinct arcade-like feel that’s reminiscent of Shoot ’em Ups from back in the day. I particularly liked the lobby screen, it’s a simple design with a chat  box and player stats.  Seeing your statistics right there and readily available is a plus.

Quasar's Lobby Screen
Quasar’s Lobby Screen

If I were to make suggestions to improve the game,I would include a quick tutorial for newer plays to get familiar with the movement, I had a bit of trouble adapting to the game without a proper tutorial. I kept flying out of bounds and taking deaths as a result. I would also implement a chat feature between rounds (When the leaderboards show) so people can communicate while they wait for the next round to begin.

Post-round leaderboards.
Post-round leaderboards.

Once again, you can try the game for free here. I’m sure OSnap Games will definitely appreciate your feedback and input!