Game Overviews


This section of the blog will be dedicated to a new project of mine, in which I will play and analyze various game mechanics, points of interests, and concepts of many different types of titles. I will be recording my findings, inquiries, and theories in point-form within dedicated posts. Each game can be found in the list below.

I intended to begin this project for personal use. I’m doing this simply because I wish to practice actively analyzing a game while playing it. My research will be posted here as reference material, primarily for myself, but it remains open to the public in the off-chance that someone would actually want to read it. As a budding game designer, I must warn you that these notes may not be thorough, complete, or even accurate. Many of my presumptions may be completely misleading and even outright wrong. They are my own personal opinions, and will seldom contain empirical evidence to back up my claims. I wish to improve my skills over time in hopes to provide informative, complete, and detailed posts as I continue to write up these overviews.

It should be noted that these are not reviews. I will be directing my efforts into evaluating game mechanics, determining what makes the game fun/un-fun, or questioning why a developer chose to go with a certain design choice over another. In most cases, I will not complete the given game; as much as I’d wish to fully sink my teeth into an experience to gain a firm grasp the title’s offerings, I simply lack the resources and time to do so.

With that said, I still encourage you guys to read through and post your comments. Any criticism or additional comments will prove to be extremely helpful.

Hope you enjoy the ride!





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