Level Design Practice #8 – Sci-Fi City

Wow, this one was fairly difficult. I have never really had much interest in science fiction, and it definitely shows in this project. I’m trying to expand as a designer and I will definitely work on more sci-fi related projects to round things out for the future.

015 - Sci-Fi City (August 29, 2016)

  • Title: Sci-Fi City
  • Time Spent: 2 hours
  • Assets Used: Unreal Infiltration Demo Pack

This one is less of a level, and more of a vista. I will likely go back and improve on this piece since I feel that it’s lacking in many areas. Maybe add places to, you know… walk.

Feedback and suggestions would be great here, I’m struggling a lot with this genre.



2 thoughts on “Level Design Practice #8 – Sci-Fi City”

  1. This one is my new favorite, but only because I’m more partial to cityscapes, especially at night. I think you really got the “glow” of the city at night. Even though you say you’re not very interested in sci-fi, the shape of the buildings seem great. At least, it fits with the general idea of what futuristic buildings will look like. I’d like to see if your opinion varies from the general consensus, though.

    I think the water looks a bit odd? Like, the color. It seems to be a stark contrast between the warm, soft glow of the city. The water is a very solid, dull color. I don’t know if that’s actually how it is, though.

  2. Hi there! It’s amazing how much work you’ve put into this, great job!

    I know absolutely nothing about these kinds of things, so please treat my comment as a brain-storming session rather than criticism of any kind 🙂

    I think with Sci-Fi cities, there’s more of a different kind of lighting rather than the golden colour you’ve gone for. A lot of the time blue, green, or even white are used, I suppose because it’s got a more “science-y” vibe to it. But this varies depending on what type of Sci-Fi city you’re going for. I think your selection of buildings is pretty good, but maybe some taller buildings in the distance? But I really like the unusual angles; they’re spot on.

    Anyway, keep up the good work 🙂

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