Level Design Practice #6 – Foggy Cave Entrance

Up until now, my work has felt unrefined, which only makes sense considering how new I am to working with Unreal 4. My latest project however, is the work that I’m most proud of thus far, because it actually resembles something remotely professional.

012 - Foggy Cave Entrance (August 16, 2016)

  • Title: Foggy Cave Entrance
  • Time Spent: 4 hours
  • Assets Used: Unreal Particle Effects Collection / Unreal Water Planes

I’m starting to discover and utilize more Unreal 4 tools as I become more comfortable with the platform, and I’m really enjoying the results. This particular scene had me playing around with lighting, exponential height fog tools, and various fog shoot/light ray blueprints. A lot of this scene was developed as a result of trial and error, and I think that my knowledge of natural environments might be translating to my level design.

I didn’t have too much time, so there are no gameplay elements in this particular project yet.

I also think that my photo composition skills might be improving as well, but who knows.

I’d love to hear any feedback if possible!


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