Level Design Practice #3 – Cartoon Kingdom

My first two practice entries shared the same grey/green/blue color scheme, so I opted to pump a little more color into this next one.

004 - Cartoon Kingdom (August 9, 2016).png

  • Title: Cartoon Kingdom
  • Time Spent: 3 hours
  • Assets Used: Unreal Stylized Rendering Demo Assets

This level was created using assets from Unreal’s ‘Stylized Rendering’ demo, which contained models and textures with an artistic, cartoon-like aesthetic.

I wanted to create a scenic view of a path leading towards a capital city surrounded by castle walls, and I feel like this was a decent first attempt. I wanted to create a level that felt bright and diverse, and I feel like these assets were the perfect fit. If I were to improve on this, I think that I would fix some tree placement, and add a little more detail to the city in the background.

What are your thoughts?




3 thoughts on “Level Design Practice #3 – Cartoon Kingdom”

  1. I like the atmosphere you tried to create with this level designer. it looks nice! It’s also hard to believe it took you only 3 hours. That’s pretty fast.

    The lighting on the clouds could be a bit better. I feel like they are oddly coloured and stand out slightly from the overall level. Especially with the front most cloud.

    1. I actually like the way the clouds are colored. I agree the lighting on them could be better. The shapes seem too uniform among all the clouds, though.

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