Level Design Practice #2 – Waterside Tower

Here’s a recent attempt at creating a rocky island with an abandoned tower near the terrain’s apex. This project took approximately 4 hours to create. I wanted the scene to be slightly more realistic, but noticed that the rocks made everything look too grey. If I were to recreate this scene in the future, I’d add a bit of color, maybe some foliage or other props to mix things up.

003 - Waterside Tower (August 8, 2016)

I also learned a bit about optimizing my level design. During the development of this stage, I had used a foliage brush to randomize rock placements. This brush caused a significant dip in my frame rate since it was generating thousands of high-poly smaller rocks in the scene. I noticed that placing assets in clever and unique ways helped to reduce my foliage brush usage and limit my frame rate issues.


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