Level Design Practice #1 – The Hill

Hey there! Long time no see! I’m currently working on some level design projects that I would like to share. I would appreciate any critique or feedback that you guys are willing to provide! Thanks!

002 - First Cliff  (July 2016)

This is a quick hill design that I created a while back. This was my first time working with Unreal Engine and I decided to challenge myself by only using the engine’s default starter assets and the terrain tool. This is probably one of my simplest and ugliest works in Unreal, but this was my first level created with Unreal and I wanted to keep it in mind to see where I end up in comparison later down the road.

As this is a quick prototype (took roughly 1 hour to complete), there are no real gameplay elements in the level. Future projects will include actual space for players to move around as well since blocking volumes will ensure that they do not leave the level.


2 thoughts on “Level Design Practice #1 – The Hill”

    1. Thanks! I have worked with Unity, and I’ll be using it extensively this coming year. I’m still a beginner with the engine though, so it will take some time before I produce something of great quality!

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