Play JungleShoots here!


JungleShoots is an early attempt of mine at building a first-person shooter using the Unity engine.

The game took about a week to put together, using many references and guides that I found on the internet. It was meant to be a quick test game that I used to learn the ropes of Unity and coding in C#, so it is by no means a complete product.

The game is a simple multi-player FPS where players shoot at each other. Networking is fully functional, allowing up to 20 players to join a room.

JungleShoots(name pending) is fairly bare-bones at the moment. If I decide to work on it later, I would probably add actual character models and animations, sound, AI bots, a scoring system, and a few other simple elements.

Things that I took away from this project:

  • Monodevelop/C# coding fundamentals
  • Unity Engine basics
  • Network coding
  • Raycasting
  • First Person Controllers
  • Physics systems
  • Animation
  • Collision detection

Unity is an excellent platform to start developing on, there are a great deal of resources available online, and many of them are completely free.


2 thoughts on “JungleShoots”

  1. I just played it for about 2 minutes. Its a descent enough alpha. Looks good for a week, I like the fact there’s a lot of green even in a decaying ruined city. The machine gun needs auto fire instead of one bullet at a time, but you’re on the right track here. Keep up the good work.

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