Take a Look at Both of Charizard’s Mega Evolutions in ‘Pokémon X and Y’

As it turns out, the Mega Charizard that we’ve all seen before happened to be Mega Charizard Y.

Nintendo recently introduced another Mega Evolution form of the famed fire/dragon-type, which will sport a black-toned coat of skin and some distinct differences from the previously announced Mega Charizard Y.

The two Mega Evolutions differ in more ways than appearance.

Mega Charizard Y will boast a drastically increased Special Attack statistic, as well as a new ability known as Drought (Increases the damage of fire-type skills). It will also be able to learn a new move, Blast Burn.

The newly announced Mega Charizard X on the other hand, will be more melee-centric. It will gain the passive ability, Tough Claws, which increases the damage of moves that make direct contact. Replacing the move Blast Burn is Dragon Tail, which does a large amount of physical damage on top of forcing the opposing Pokémon to be switched out for another.

I can see the Mega Evolutions being huge strategic assets in competitive play, it will be interesting to see the upcoming Mega Evolution splits between the two new titles.

Pokémon X and Y are set to release worldwide in just over a week on October 12, exclusively for the 3DS.

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