My First Video Game Creation – Pika Click


I’d like to take a moment to talk about my recent foray into game development. It’s nothing fancy, just a simple, low quality clicking game. Though it may not seem like much, I’m actually very happy with the results. It was my first attempt at making a game, and it turned out to be an awesome entry-level project.

This is the first of many things to come. I’ll be posting all of my projects on the blog, so tune in every once in a while if you’re interested.


The game is extremely typical of a starter project. It begins with Pikachu flying around the room and bouncing off of the clouds that function as walls. The player’s goal is to click on Pikachu, in which case he will reset at another location and pick up the pace. You’ll get 10 points for each click on Pikachu. The game will continue until…. well, until you get bored and close the game, I didn’t really bother to implement a time limit, but I may just throw one in later on.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

It’s not the most impressive thing in the world, but I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. If you want to give it a try, I’ve uploaded the game here at Mediafire.

My long-term aspiration is to uphold a gaming-related career. Of the numerous paths in the industry, I’m currently aiming to participate in game development. I hope that you’ll stick around and continue to read up on the blog as I pursue my dreams.

The game was made entirely using the Studio version of Game Maker via Steam. Also as a disclaimer, I do not own the rights to Pikachu so this is not a commercial product.


15 thoughts on “My First Video Game Creation – Pika Click”

  1. Fantastic job there, and i see it’s with Game Maker. I used to mettle around in that creating awkward fantasy RPGs following the inspiration of classics final fantasy and crono trigger 😀

  2. Nice take on the original Ball Bounce tutorial. I started with GM, back when the “payed” version was only $15. Boy have times changed. It’s a great program, and can definitely teach you principles of game design. Be warned that it’s best for indie work–industry snobs turn their noses up to WYSIWYG development. Definitely keep at it though, it’s worth it.

  3. Hehe. I really like this one. Yes, people can be bored fast, because it doesn´t stop. But it´s still absolutely funny. 😀

  4. congrats! game development is a pretty intense field. my brother in law worked for a long time with RedStorm and most recently on Colonial Marines. now he does freelance. it’s a tough job but with mobile platforms the field is wide open for indie developers

  5. You have to start somewhere! Personally I’m amazed at the creativity of people out there… Keep up the good work!

  6. Looks awesome! Game Maker seems flexible enough, I’ve only used a bit of RPG Maker and Adventure Game Studio myself – and being Pokémon-related is a plus. Glad to see people trying to get into gaming, but remember that if you want to really work as a professional dev, you might have to learn a programming language like Java or C++ or learn to make graphics with a program like Blender or something like that.

    And thanks for the follow! I hope to see games from you in the future.

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