Review Scheme

Review LogoWhat’s a video game blog without reviews? I will be writing up personal reviews on various games both new and old. Reviews will generally be posted upon my completion of a game or after I’ve put in a good amount of time (for instances like MMO’s). I’d like to emphasize that my game reviews are highly subjective and personal; I always recommend playing a game for yourself before judging it.

I’ve devised a set of criteria to assess each game with, these are brand new and subject to change as I see fit. I will update this post to reflect any changes that I make in the future.

Introduction – This is simply a quick overview of the game. I will be using this section to describe general details like game genre, available platforms, release date, etc. You will get a basic idea of the game whilst reading this section.

Technical – I will be using this portion to describe the guts of the game. Anything related to graphics, game mechanics, sound, and gameplay will be fleshed out in the Technical section.

Presentation – How do the elements of the game interact with each other? Is the game polished? Are there apparent glitches? How about the translations, subtitles, and voice acting?

Heart – Are the developers trying to say something? Were they trying to be original? Was there a hidden message or underlying notion to the game or story? I’ll be using this part of the review to dive into deeper concepts like developer intentions.

Value – Games can be pretty expensive, so this piece will be dedicated to detailing the worth of the game. I’ll be outlining aspects like replayability, average completion time, price (and possibly future discounts) of each given game.

Final Say – This is where I’ll be putting everything together. You’ll find the major pros/cons of each game here. There may be a scoring system, but I’ve not decided on one at this point in time.


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