New Beginnings


And so it continues, another blog to add to the endless supply of written entertainment known as the ‘Blogosphere’. This marks my second foray into blogging (the first being a fluff entry that I used simply to enter a contest). This attempt however, will be earnest, and I will be putting in my best efforts into entertaining both you and myself.

Introducing the newest entry into video game-related blogging….(drumroll please)…. The Gaming Grad! If you assumed that I am a graduate of some sort, then you are correct! Good for you. You may have also determined that I am a gamer, in which case you deserve a cookie because you’re right again! Aren’t you on a roll?

I don’t necessarily feel the need to explain the purpose of my blog, I’m sure you’ll figure it out without my help.

With that said, hope you’re ready for the journey, because I sure am!


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